Welcome international version

After more than one year of publishing on my blog with over 250 posts from VR experiences to tutorials, a lot of you asked me to publish my 360/VR/AR/MR experience in english. With this post I start the english version of 360.fluido.tv. This blog started in 2017 to promote the VR culture to italian audience sharing my experiences in VR creation. After some months non italian speakers asked me if I had the intention to publish also in english. Firstly I thought it wasn’t important due to the plenty of infos in that language on the net but after some workshop experiences around europe I decided that is time to share my VR world also with them. I’ll try to publish the same material for the italian and english version but sometimes the content will differ, mainly in the Linea di stitching (The stitching line) content both video and podcasts tha will continue only in italian language. In a couple of weeks I’ll also finish the complete translation of the already exhisting content to share with international audience my VR experience.

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Hope to see a lot of english speaking users on 360.fluido.tv

yours fluido 😉