XR books

12 July 2019 fluido

During my workshops, I cite a lot of books. Here is the bibliography of the book I believe are important for XR technology, from technology-oriented to philosophy, from psychology to programming. All the books are […]


The Veldt

27 December 2018 fluido

In 1959 Ray Bradbury published a short story of a sort of holodeck. In an almost completely automized house the room for the kids has a system that projects on the walls kid’s desires. The […]


Pygmalion’s Spectacles

21 December 2018 fluido

“But what is reality?” this is the incipit of short story by Stanley g. Weinbaum published in 1935. We can define this short science fiction story as the first on virtual reality. The main character […]


Claude Cadoz – Virtual realities

12 February 2018 fluido

One aspect of reading old books on virtual reality is the extreme conceptual connection to what is happening in this time in immersive media. Beside the tech aspect that evolved in an somehow unpredictable way […]